NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 25, 2021 –
The Next Leader in Sports Imaging has arrived as SPLAT! launches GAME PLAN,
syndicated by Sun Broadcast Group.


GAME PLAN is a new kind of sports radio imaging service, designed specifically to sharpen the competitive edge of local stations, while simultaneously complementing the power of network sports brands.  With GAME PLAN, a local station’s imaging sounds just as bold and powerful as their network imaging, maybe even better.

GAME PLAN features the voice of Cayman Kelly, the new national voice of ESPN Radio, already built into the imaging. GAME PLAN delivers targeted local imaging that integrates seamlessly with network sports programming, shows, and branding.

Michael Carrell,Production Director for ESPN 97.5 Houstonis an early fan of GAME PLAN’s power and flexibility. “I love this so much. It is so easy to use, it’s a blast working with these great, high-energy pieces. GAME PLAN has a sound that truly allows us to stand out from the rest and showcase the energy we have.”

“GAME PLAN is more than justan imaging service!” said Nick Figueredo,Director of Branding & Programming for ESPN 690, Jacksonville.  “It’s great to log in and grab easy-to-customize liners, fresh promos, awesome music beds, and so much more.”

GAME PLAN provides sports stations with the imaging they need for national-level shows, hosts, and games, with an equal focus on local programming, and regional sports coverage, too. GAME PLAN can be easily customized to fit any sports network or station.

“Sports programmers and producers asked us for an imaging solution that will help make their local production sound bigger, faster, and stronger.  GAME PLAN is our answer,” saidDave Marsh, President, and Founder of SPLAT!.  “The only thing more competitive than sports is radio,” Marsh added. “With more players and platforms in the sports content field, local radio stations need to stand out even more to win listeners’ attention.  With GAME PLAN, not only is it possible, it’s now easier than ever.”

GAME PLAN is available right now, exclusively through Sun Broadcast Group. Contact Rich O’Brien robrien@sunbgi.comor call 212-380-9338.  Stations can sign up for a free trial of GAME PLAN at


About SPLAT! Radio Imaging

Celebrating its 20th year of creating world-class radio imaging, SPLAT! is the go-to service for radio stations and radio producers who demand distinct imaging tools and industry-leading customer service. Available in all major radio formats, SPLAT! Imaging libraries and production services are heard throughout the US and around the world.


About Sun Broadcasting Group

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