[Inside Radio]

Liberty Mutual Insurance is playing a game of cat and mouse with leading national radio advertiser GEICO. With the latter back on top based on over-the-air spots for the week of Oct. 17-23, the former is upping its game plan at radio…sort of.

Known for its TV ads utilizing the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop, Liberty Mutual was the No. 8 radio advertiser two weeks ago, according to Media Monitor’s weekly tally of national products and services. Last week it dropped out among the top 100 altogether. And this week it returns to the top 10, at No. 7. In all, GEICO logged 46,473 ads for the week, more than twice as many as Liberty Mutual’s 20,132 spots.

The next company in the Insurance Providers category is all the way down at No. 31: USAA; followed by State Farm, at No. 42. So until recently, the category has been GEICO’s game to win at radio.

Meanwhile, last week’s No. 1, Home Depot, dips to No. 5 for the week, with 24,749 radio ads, compared with 43,263 the week prior.

The rest of the top 10 is less surprising: No. 1 is GEICO, No. 2 is iHeartRadio, up from No. 4 last week; No. 3 is JC Penney once again; No. 4 is McDonalds, rising up one spot; No. 5 is Home Depot; No. 6 is ZipRecruiter, again; No. 7 is Liberty Mutual; No. 8 is VistaPrint, again; No. 9 is Staples, up from No. 10; and No. 10 is Macy’s, up from No. 11.

And for one of its final weeks in the top 30, Hillary Clinton for President is No. 27, with 11,195 ads. She reached her highest weekly position to date last week, at No. 22.