NEW YORK, NY August 18, 2017- Sun Broadcast Group has hit a milestone of 500,000 Shazams on their exclusive Shazam for Radio platform over the past 12 months. These half million Shazams translate to 700+ experiences, 200 markets, and roughly 10 million impressions outside of the Shazam app itself.

Over the last 12 months, Sun has seen incredible results with Shazam for Radio. A half million Shazams, a 90% unique user base, and close to 2 minutes time spent within an experience. The most powerful feature remains that the platform is able to turn listeners to users and bring them over to experiences rich with curated ad content and station information and keep them there for an extended period of time.

Compared to the average US user, the Shazam for Radio user is significantly more engaged. Shazam for Radio user clicks through to YouTube 202% more, streaming 182% more, sharing 437% more, buying 279% more and interacting with other content 485% more than the average US user. Not only can Shazam for Radio track individual listener behaviors, but it gathers additional key data points across all media outlets to build unique profiles on each user such as music, TV, and movie interests.

The Shazam for Radio service is currently widely available to over 1,000 stations across multiple groups such as Alpha Media, Beasley Broadcasting, Hubbard Communications, Cumulus, and CBS in addition to syndicated shows including The Hit List with Fitz, The Fitz Show, Little Steven’s Underground Garage and Slacker and Steve.

For more information on Shazam For Radio, contact Danno Wolkoff at Envision Networks.

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About Sun Broadcast Group:

Named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc Magazine three years in a row, Sun Broadcast Group is a national radio network reaching over 205 million listeners through its more than 5,500 affiliates in both English and Spanish-language. Headquartered in New York City and Boca Raton, FL, Sun offers ad sales representation, syndication and programming support to producers, hosts and radio networks nationwide. Its growing program and sales offerings includes the Sun Select RADAR® Network, The Hit List with Fitz, Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Slacker and Steve, Nashville Minute, Shazam For Radio, and many more.

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