[Inside Radio]

Spring must have really sprung. Home Depot returns to the top of the list of national radio advertisers for the week of March 27-April 2—a position it occupied for much of the spring and summer of 2016.

The home improvement retailer committed to 66,922 spots, according to Media Monitors, enough to catapult it from No. 5 to No. 3 to No. 1 over the past three weeks. Compare its total number of advertisements to last week’s victor, GEICO, which had 40,019 spots—that’s a difference of 26,903 adverts.

Home Depot’s continued reliance on radio certainly aligns with comments made during the company’s 38th annual Institutional Investors Conference Call in March. Home Depot’s president of Online and chief marketing officer Kevin Hofmann said, “We still do a ton of TV. We still do a ton of traditional radio. There still is a place in the world for print advertising.”

Hoffman added that despite counting on traditional media, “We’ve seen the customers’ behaviors change where everybody is spending their screen time, where everybody is doing dual screen watching when they’re at home. It’s changed dramatically and especially with the explosion of mobile. So, we’ve changed dramatically our marketing habits where we deploy our marketing spend.”

Within the past week’s top 15 advertisers, two new accounts join the party: No. 6 Arm & Hammer, and No. 12 iWin, an internet and gaming center. O’Reilly Auto Parts also makes a seasonal adjustment: The consistent radio presence ups its game from No. 32 a week ago to No. 10. It is joined by competitor AutoZone, at No. 7.

The week’s top 10 national radio advertisers fall in line as such: 1) The Home Depot, 2) iHeartRadio, 3) GEICO, 4) Lowe’s, 5) Mattress Firm, 6) Arm & Hammers, 7) AutoZone, 8) McDonald’s 9) US Dept. of Transportation and 10) O’Reilly Auto Parts.