Radio Ink Magazine's Top 20 Leaders

Sun Broadcast Group is proud to announce that CEO, Jason Bailey was named to Radio Ink Magazine’s Top 20 Leaders in the April print issue of the magazine.

Jason Bailey says that the top three characteristics of successful leaders in radio are passion, patience and ingenuity. “I continue to tell those in and outside the radio industry that there is a tremendous opportunity for all of us. If you’re passionate, it will lead you to a win ever single time. Be patient–and I mean patient– for those ideas to root and begin to grow. And never stop thinking big. Steve Jobs said it best; the people who are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who acutally do. Radio is wide open for innovatiove, creative ideas to make us bigger, better and stronger. Bring in those crazy ideas.”

He goes on, “The best advice I could give someone trying to lead or make a difference in this industry is don’t give up and don’t be afraid. This is a great industry, ripe with opportunity; however, it still has remnants of the days where things were maybe a bit easier. There are men and women who are charging forward at a record pace to explore new ,l more innovative ideas, and trhere are others who have sat down to just ride it out. This creates great opportunities to make a big difference, but it also means you’ll have a tougher time fighting to change minds. My advice? FIGHT.