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Audiant Suite

Create new revenue, increase listener engagement and conduct music research!

Audiant is a suite of digital assets designed to help you create new revenue, increase listener engagement and conduct music research. For one price, affiliates receive access to the entire suite of products consisting of EZ Trak®, SongBug® and SAM® (Sentiment Analysis Module). SAM is the first and only of its kind.

EZ Trak® is an online listener music research survey offering a simple, cost effective way to help radio stations maintain and increase their listening audience. With EZ Trak a station can set up a new music survey in less than ten minutes that will test how a song is trending, how songs perform within specific listener demographics and help them decide which songs to play and how often. EZ Trak puts radio stations in touch with their listeners and in control of their research.

Song Bug® is a “now playing” app for radio station websites that allows listeners to interact with the station’s play list and receive alerts when songs are scheduled to play. Song Bug revolutionizes the way listeners use the radio by creating an appointment that brings listeners back to your station anytime, day or night, no matter what they’re doing. Using a simple embedded web widget, listeners sign up to receive a free alert via text message or email to notify them when their favorite songs are scheduled to play. Registered users can also select up to five titles with full control over how and when they receive their alerts.

SAM™ Sentiment Analysis Module for radio is a research tool that analyzes written feedback and comments from listeners and presents all findings in an in-depth report for radio stations use. Stations start by asking listeners to comment what they think about a song or commercial using their own words, not an arbitrary rating system. With these online surveys, stations get the earliest read on brand new music and commercials without the risk of listener tune-out. Once a survey has been completed, SAM computes all the data. Using custom-created algorithms it gives the comment a rating based on its positivity or negativity. The data is presented in an easy-to-read report and includes the actual comments from listeners so stations get a true sense of how listeners feel about the music or spot.

Features: Online listener music research surveys. Create new revenue opportunities. Engage with listeners. Listener-voted tournaments on web and mobile devices. Send song alerts directly to listeners’ email or cell phone. Cost effective. Sponsorship opportunities. New digital revenue.

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