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Imaging Chop Shop

A turn-key, fully-produced voice over and imaging solution.

Imaging Chop Shop is the only voice and production resource that offers fully produced voice and imaging on a barter basis for radio. Imaging Chop Shop is the creation of leading industry voice talent/imaging producer AJ (KDWB/Minneapolis, KDMX/Dallas, KRBE/Houston, WIAD/Washington, DC) and legendary Los Angeles programmer and BitXchange prep creator Mike Marino (KHHT-FM and KYSR-FM/Los Angeles.)

Imaging Chop Shop clients receive one page of fully produced imaging weekly voiced by a team of radio’s best voice and production talents who have been featured collectively in the NBA, NFL, NHL, Discovery Channel, Subway, Comcast, Mazda and more!

Features: Format Exclusive, Delivered via Internet, Dry Voice Files of the Produced Sessions, and Quick 48 Hour Turnaround.

icon-programming-checkAvailability: Weekly

Demographic_Icon-04Demo: A25-54

STATS: Total Number of Stations – 78. Over-Indexing in Top Markets Like: Denver, Cleveland, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Phoenix.

HOST WEBSITE: http://www.imagingchopshop.com/

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