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Retire With Integrity

Created, relatable content that listeners can understand!

Retire with Integrity, is more than financial planning. It’s a two-hour common sense investment show hosted by expert Brian Bowen who’s engaging personality and practical advice fits right in with the topical subjects discussed each week.

Bowen and co-host Tug Cowart tackle timely financial planning topics including bitcoin, insurance, family planning, college tuition, 401Ks, IRAs, and stock market tips communicated in a creative, relatable, and easily understandable way. Retire with Integrity will be an appointment listening program for audience members who are interested in learning about finance and investing.

Features: Expert financial advice. Topical subject matter each week. Common sense financial planning. Local liners for affiliates. Sponsor reads. Listener call-ins and advice. Non-polarizing topics. Multiple local sponsorship opportunities.

icon-programming-equalizerPrimary Format:  Talk

icon-programming-checkAvailability: Weekly

icon-programming-clockLength: 2 Hours

Demographic_Icon-04Demo: Persons 25-54

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