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Signature Networks

A Brand New Kind Of Radio

Signature Networks puts premium air talent, programming and technical muscle behind every custom format we deliver. Our 24/7 formats are delivered directly to radio stations worldwide complete with customized local imaging, custom music selections and air talent. We work with each station to create a unique, local, listening experience from the ground up. 24/7 – Signature Networks offers many different kinds of music formats from Country to Rock and AC. Ask our team how to develop a unique format for your market today. Custom – Signature Networks gives you the power to customize local clocks with your own imaging and specialty programming. Let us show you how to customize your station. Local – Signature Networks is dedicated to helping you deliver quality, local radio to your market. We work together to make sure your station is unique to you.

Features: Targeted Formats, Imaging Solutions, Consulting, Air Talent, Support, Over Indexing in Oklahoma City & Tulsa

icon-programming-equalizerPrimary Format:  Country, Hot AC

icon-programming-checkAvailability: Daily

icon-programming-clockLength: :30 | :60

Demographic_Icon-04Demo: A 25-54

DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIES: Social Media Activations, Email Campaigns, Digital Banners on Host Website, and Branded Content

SPECIAL EVENTS OPPORTUNITIES: Social Media Live Reads, Branded Content, Interviews, and Concert/Show Activations

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                    [description] => "Signature Networks Adult Variety". Released: 2017. Genre: Other.
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            [demo_title] => Signature Networks Adult Variety Demo


Signature Networks Adult Variety Demo

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