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Sun Summit Radar

Top-Rated Reach And Coverage.

Sun Summit is our #1 RADAR network, targeting adults 25-54 both during the week and on weekends. Connect with an affluent and engaged audience with programs and services such as Ashley & Brad, CheckpointXP, and Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis.

(*Source Fall 2018 Nationwide: RADAR 141 A18+)

Features: 2,800+ Total Stations, 100% DMA Coverage Between Weekday and Weekend Inventory Available.

icon-programming-equalizerPrimary Format:  Classic Hits, Country

icon-programming-checkAvailability: Daily

icon-programming-clockLength: :30 | :60

Demographic_Icon-04Demo: A25-54

STATS: Indexing at 100 in Top Stations in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Boston, Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIES: Social Media Activations, Email Campaigns, Digital Banners on Host Website, and Branded Content

SPECIAL EVENTS OPPORTUNITIES: Social Media Live Reads, Branded Content, Interviews, and Concert/Show Activations

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