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Trending Today

Re-imagining Talk Radio

Trending Today USA is a fast-paced, news-oriented talk radio show, with a full-time news gathering team, breaking stories and the latest social media topics. Featuring the biggest online brands (with over 100 million page views a month and thirty million unique visitors every month), breaking news, writers, bloggers, newsmakers, viral content and the people whose lives will be a part of our collective consciences, THAT is what Trending Today USA is all about.

icon-programming-equalizerPrimary Format:  News

Demographic_Icon-04Demo: A 18-49

DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIES: Social Media Activations, Email Campaigns, Digital Banners on Host Website, and Branded Content

SPECIAL EVENTS OPPORTUNITIES: Social Media Live Reads, Branded Content, Interviews, and Concert/Show Activations

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