[From Tom Taylor NOW]

“Radio listening tops all media” for “minutes spent with media on average day,” says The Media Audit.

Its new study of 14,061 adults conducted in the first half of the year “shows radio at 140.5 minutes, compared to the internet at 139.7 minutes,” says the researcher. Broadcast TV is third at 98.6 minutes, followed by email (93.8 minutes) and local cable (87.7 minutes).

The Media Audit engages with the question of Millennials and radio – and finds that minutes-spent are “virtually identical” across 18-34s (138.5 minutes), 35-49s (142.7 minutes) and those 50+ (140.4 minutes). TMA also tracks qualitative questions like “planned vehicle purchasers,” and it finds their time-spent with radio “goes up, whereas it goes down in TV – something auto dealers may not be aware of.”

Thanks to Phillip Beswick of Houston-based The Media Audit for sharing highlights of the study. TMA says “while many media are suffering consumer erosion, radio continues to have a strong story for its listener and consumer appeal.”