NEW YORK, NY May 31, 2019- Sun Broadcast Group (SBG) is pleased to announce the addition of 3 new affiliates for the very popular Woody & Wilcox Show: WCYY 94.3 Portland, ME, WQRR FM ALT 101.7 Tuscaloosa AL, and WVWB 105.5 The Bull Clarksville, TN. The show now airs in 10 markets, originating from iHeartMedia’s 106.5 The End/Charlotte since 2010.

Rich O’Brien, VP Programming and Affiliate Relations for Sun Broadcast Group adds, “We’re so excited about The Woody & Wilcox Show because not only are they doing morning shows on multiple formats (Alt, Classic Rock, Active Rock…even nights on a country station now!) but they do it in every corner of the globe…from Charlotte and Raleigh to Portland, ME to Alabama to Alaska…and they WIN!”

“After years of expanding my waist line, it’s nice to finally have a more positive expansion” –Woody

“In an effort to expand our show to even more formats, we’re working on our Spanish too…so guten tag to all our Hispanics amigos!” -Wilcox

David DuBose, Market President – Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa AL also commented: “We are excited to bring Woody & Wilcox to ALT 1017 “, this show is a proven winner. These guys are funny, and very entertaining, I knew we had the right show when they gave us a big ROLL TIDE during our first call”.  Woody & Wilcox is the perfect addition for Alt 1017, Tuscaloosa and West Alabama’s only Alternative station.

For more information about Woody & Wilcox, contact Rich O’Brien at 212.380.9338 or

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