NEW YORK, NY April 29, 2019- Sun Broadcast Group (SBG) announced the addition of Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis. The out-of-this-world host is a powerful voice in the field of paranormal news and commentary. Using his unique, non-conventional, and often theatrical style, Clyde Lewis discusses all matters of the unknown, ranging from conspiracy theories and UFO’s to extra-terrestrial activities and the secrets of space war. Lewis entertains and captivates his audience, while sharing his passionate and knowledgeable approach to news, current events, and politics., he engages daily with over 150,000 fans in over 200 stations across the U.S.

Originally from FM News 101 KXL in Portland, OR, the 5-hour show airs daily, on over 200 stations nationwide, including WIOD Miami, KTRH Houston, KFYI Phoenix, WFLA Tampa and KXL Portland as well as on a Podcast format.

“We are so thrilled to partner with Sun Broadcast Group,” commented Clyde Lewis. “This is such a great opportunity for our format to reach new audiences. We have something for everybody no matter what you believe in. We can’t wait to see what Jason Bailey and his team can do with our show and bring it to the next level. The support and dedication we have received from SBG so far has been incredible.”

Rich O’Brien, VP Programming and Affiliate Relations for Sun Broadcast Group adds, “Ground Zero is such a fantastic show with an extraordinary fanbase that it made perfect sense for us to add it to our 2019 lineup. We’ve known Clyde for a while now and his engaging content, growing popularity, and non-conventional approach to news and entertainment was very appealing to us.”

For more information about Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, contact Rich O’Brien at 212.380.9338 or

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