NEW YORK, NY June 18, 2020 – Join SBG and Classic Rock Live on June 21st as they celebrate the 38th Annual World Day of Music. In recognition to the global celebration of music, Classic Rock Live will play 22 songs from 22 artists recorded in 22 countries. Pierre Robert will be your guide across the globe presenting such bands as The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Queen, Genesis, Led Zeppelin and The Police in locations that include South Africa, Croatia, Argentina, Norway, Brazil, Israel and China.

This also marks the 500th episode of Classic Rock Live, which aired its first show in September of 2010.

“I’ve always loved live music. For me, if I hear something from an artist or a band and really like it, the next thing I want is to go see that group and experience it live in person; anything from a club, to a theater, to an arena, to a stadium. Seeing music performed live is nothing short of a three-dimensional experience,” says Pierre Robert. “It may sound great on the record but songs grow, take on shape and different dimensions when they are performed live. There’s just nothing like it!”

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