Shazam has announced the launch of Shazam for iMessage. This new feature brings the magic of Shazam to users inside of iMessage. Within the experience, users can Shazam and share their results as messages with friends – without leaving the messaging screen.

With Shazam for iMessage, listeners will be able to discover music playing around them and will be prompted to “Touch to Shazam.” Tapping the Shazam button will initiate music recognition, just as it does when using Shazam’s other apps. The result will then be displayed in the compose field and ready to send, with results also appearing in the “My Shazam” tab of the Shazam app.

Users can tap the shared result to view the following: Larger artwork with title and artist, Shazam count, Preview option and Apple Music and iTunes buttons.

“We are very pleased to bring the new functionality of iMessage to our global audience,” said Fabio Santini, Chief Product Officer, Shazam. “We are always working to improve our user experience with new technology, and we are excited to launch this feature with iOS 10. We think music fans will love how easy it is to share Shazams within a great conversation. ”

Shazam for iMessage is available as a free download from the iMessage App Store.