NEW YORK, NY February 25, 2020- Sun Broadcast Group has announced today that they have expanded and restructured their Affiliate Relations team. Following the acquisition of Envision Radio Networks and after debuting the new all-female marketing team earlier this month, SBG is excited and proud to introduce its NEW affiliate team structure focusing on regional territories to better serve each market and station across the country.

The new affiliate content team is led by SBG’s VP of Programming & Affiliate Relations, Rich O’Brien, based in the Boston Office and consists of Senior Affiliate Content Manager Southwest, Alex Quintero, based in the New York City Office and Senior Affiliate Content Manager Northeast, Ryan Verardi, based in the Cleveland Office. Along with Affiliate Content Manager Southeast, Gary James, based in the Cleveland Office, Affiliate Content Manager West, Ed Moloney, based in the Los Angeles Office and Affiliate Content Manager Midwest, Andrew Scaglione, based in the Cleveland Office, the team is ready to handle all of Sun Broadcast Group’s shows and services for syndication.

“This is by far the most experienced affiliate team I have ever assembled in my 35 years of network radio and syndication,” stated SBG’s Chief Development Officer, Danno Wolkoff. “Led by Rich O’Brien, SBG’s affiliate managers now have all the tools and resources to help radio stations with any of their programming and service needs.”

You can reach the team here:

Rich O’Brien: or at 212-380-9338.

Alex Quintero: or at 212 380 9323

Ryan Verardi: or at 212-380-9303.

Gary James: or at 212-380-9305.

Ed Moloney: or at 212-380-9315.

Andrew Scaglione: or at 212-380-9309.